Thursday, October 29, 2009

RIP, Paul Manz (1919-2009)

I received the news last night that the composer who brought us such wonderful pieces as E'en So, Lord Jesus, Quickly Come and Aria passed away last night, surrounded by loved ones.

From Michael Barrone: “His son John reported that, with the family gathered round the bedside, they had put on a recording of the marvelous choral piece that Paul and
Ruth had created, and when the text came round again to “E’en so, Lord Jesus, quickly come”, Paul breathed his last.”

For a wonderful tribute to this great composer and church musician, go to the Pipedreams website for the show that aired April 2, 2001. Click here to listen.

RIP, Dr Manz. May your music live on forever.

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My own preaching of the Gospel remembering Paul on this All Saints Day is at my site: