Sunday, October 18, 2009

Catching up... yet again!

Ack!!! I am so so far behind! I have to post all my music lists, which I'll do later on this afternoon and tonight, I hope.

But first... I want to get this rant out of the way.


/rant on

Some people should not be allowed to breed. Plain and simple. Yesterday, I was working the evening shift for the American Chemical Society's Green NC exhibit at the NC State Fair. There were four blond kids, three exceedingly irritating boys and a more sedate girl. It was obvious their "parents" left them behind in the exhibit. They were there for hours. One of my fellow exhibitors told me they were there for one of his morning demonstrations. I rolled my eyes and wondered, where are their parents? Honestly, they were so ill-behaved and tried to get their hands into everything. This is bad of me, but I felt like it served one of the naughty boys right when he burned his hand whilst touching dry ice. I know, we could get in trouble for that, but honestly, we can't be responsible for having to ensure that these troublemakers are well-behaved, and I felt like I was hitting my head against the wall when I kept telling these boys no, don't do that, you shouldn't touch that, etc.

So my fellow exhibitor asked one of the boys, "Where are your parents?"

The boy, who looked to be around 6 or 7, looked down at the ground and said, "Well, my dad is here somewhere. My mother lives somewhere else, not with us in (such and such a city, I didn't hear which one)." And he went off to another part of the exhibit.

Exhibitor and I looked at each other, blinked a couple of times, and he said, "Well, he didn't really answer the question, but that was way more information than I'd wanted."

That was probably the only time I felt sorry for the kid. What a negligent father he has.

So anyway, about 15-20 minutes before the exhibit closed, I finally saw this rather obese man with bushy beard, wearing a hat and overalls collect his children and eventually make their way out of the exhibit. I will admit that I glared at him the entire time.

Sigh. Yeah. Like I was saying. Some people should never be allowed to breed. I did end up feeling sorry for those children at the end.

/rant off

I'll be working the Fair again next week. Naturally, when I virtually visited my fandom friends last night, they all asked what lovely fair food I enjoyed. My answer: my favourite term, thanks to my friend Sherrye: UFO's, or Unidentified Fried Objects.

And yes, Cindy, I will have a few fried pickles for you next Saturday when I work the Fair for the entire day.


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