Monday, September 14, 2009

Compline at Chapel of the Cross, Chapel Hill, NC - 09.13.2009

Compline at Chapel of the Cross.

We've been using the Order for Compline, as set by David Hurd.

Here are our little additions:

O nata lux (Thomas Tallis)
Psalm 91 (chanted to Tone 8)
Hymn: Christ, mighty Saviour (CHRISTE, LUX MUNDI, plainsong Mode 7)
Nunc Dimittis from Short Service (O. Gibbons)
Salve Regina (Marian antiphon right after the Dismissal)
Ave Maria (Robert Parsons)
Organ Voluntary by the abfab David Arcus. He improvised on Christe, lux mundi. Considering that it was also Van Quinn's birthday, he very cleverly inserted "Happy Birthday" into this improvisation! David had told me he was going to do this during rehearsal, and I'd very silently squee'd. The squeeing was more prominent as he was doing it.

And! Quite a few Compline choristers noticed the Happy Birthday motif! It was a fitting cap to Van's birthday celebration. Before rehearsal, we gave him a small cake, which we left on his chair, and passed a card around, which we all signed. I, for one, was very happy to pass the birthday love on to someone else. :) Happy Birthday, Van! May you have many more to come. ♥

(Note: the picture above depicts one of the votive candle layouts that Jimmy Satterwhite had laid out a couple of years ago. I can't remember where the picture came from, though.)

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