Saturday, September 12, 2009

Choral Evensong at Duke Chapel

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I suppose you can call this a birthday treat for myself. Last Thursday, I attended Choral Evensong at Duke University Chapel. It featured the choir of King's College, London under the direction of Dr. David Trendell. They were assisted by the abfab David Arcus on the Aeolian organ and Divinity School students Jordan Hylden as Officiant and Mike Boone as Intercessor.

Here is the music that was sung at this Evensong. Any numbers you see come out of the United Methodist Hymnal.

Organ Prelude: Improvisation on O nata lux
Choral Introit: O nata lux (T. Tallis)
Hymn: 475, Come Down, O Love Divine (DOWN AMPNEY)
Preces: Setting by Tomas Tomkins
Psalm: 93 (Anglican Chant Setting by King)
Psalm: 96 (Anglican Chant Setting by Statham)
Canticle: Magnificat (from Evening Canticles in A Major; C. Stanford)
Canticle: Nunc Dimittis (from Evening Canticles in A Major; C. Stanford)
Responses: Setting by Tomas Tomkins
Prayers: Setting by Tomas Tomkins
Anthem: Laudibus in sanctis (W. Byrd)
Hymn: 688, God, That Madest Earth and Heaven (AR HYD Y NOS)
Organ Recessional: Improvisation on Ar hyd y nos

I will admit that I was very disappointed that there were no choral Amens after each of the three collects that were chanted by the Intercessor. Besides that, it was a beautiful service. I do miss singing in choral evensongs, so I suppose for the moment, I'd have to satisfy that desire by attending as many as possible.

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