Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thinking of the Baptism of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Last night, at the mini-bible study I mentioned in my previous post, we discussed the Gospel reading scheduled for tomorrow (Mk 1:7-11). This was led by Fr Julian, and many interesting questions were brought up and discussed, with Fr Julian acting as a very able facilitator.

One of the points he made made me think. I do recall being taught in CCD classes that Jesus was baptised as a counter to the Original Sin that was brought upon us, thanks to Eve's actions in the Garden of Eden. Fr Julian's point is that Jesus' baptism, and by extension, our own baptisms, is really the mark of the beginning of a relationship between the baptised and God. I'll admit to liking this interpretation.

A very thorough treatment on this topic may be found at the New Advent website.

I know I wanted to say more on this, but I'll admit to feeling rather tired; I still have a load of services and such on my plate for tomorrow. Sleep will definitely be a very welcomed friend.

More on this after my sleep-muzzy mind clears up ...

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