Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sweeping Away the Cobwebs

This is yet another catch-up post. I didn't really do much blogging this week, so here is a run-down of posts I did.

I started off with a criticism of Catholics and their hymn habits. It was something that one of the young choristers said that irritated me, and made me wonder, is this how the young Catholics are being trained in their music ministries? I'd rather think the RSCM has it right. Practising with the Filipino youth choir last night just reinforced my wondering as to what the Catholics are doing with their young choirs. But then again, to be fair, these kids' parents are involved with the Catholic Charismatic group Couples for Christ. I suppose that in itself explains the source of the cheezy music that I admit I had never heard until the kids practiced it last night. Yeah, I suppose that "music" might be okay on the radio, but I would never program such drivel for Mass. *shudders*

Next come a series of posts, either memes or passing along a link that I found interesting. My fellow blogger, fission, alerted me to an "oldie but goodie" - a book called "The Recently Deflowered Girl". Some of the entries are quite funny.

Then comes a link to what got some of the fangurls on the Potter_Place Yahoo group quite excited: The Snape Paper Doll. You just have to click on the link to believe it.

This next meme was targetted specifically to the LJ community, but feel free to modify it for your purposes. I received some cool book, movie, and music recommendations this way.

Then comes a meme my sister-in-law sent via email. The instructions state to send it to all your friends. I'm not so keen on that approach, so instead, I posted it as a meme. Feel free to steal this one as well, if you are so inclined.

I had submitted a post to the latest installment of the Catholic Carnival. Evann did a wonderful job with her Mardi Gras theme.

And finally, last but not least, my way over-due music list from the First Sunday after Epiphany / Baptism of Our Lord.

That's about it. I had been caught up with preparations for a Mass I won't even be at, due to my duties at the Duke Episcopal Center. So please indulge me in a little of advertising here.

On Sunday, January 18, 2009, the Filipino Community of Central NC is sponsoring the 11th Annual Feast of the Sto Niño celebration at Holy Infant Church in Durham, just off of NC-54. Novena starts at 2.15 pm; Sinulog procession at 2.45 pm, followed by Mass at 3.00 pm, concelebrated by Fr Joseph Brennan, OSFS (pastor of Holy Infant) and Fr Julian Jagudilla, OFM (associate pastor at St Francis of Assisi, Raleigh). A reception will follow in the Hospitality Room after the Mass. Collection will benefit Pregnancy Support Services of Durham and Chapel Hill. An unwrapped present of, for example, diapers or baby wipes would be appreciated.

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