Tuesday, October 23, 2007

YouTube for Catholics

Finally, a Catholic Video Sharing Site. This comes courtesy of Fr. Stephen Cuyos, a Filipino Missionary of the Sacred Heart. This website, lovetobecatholic.com, was apparently launched sometime this month, and its goal is to “provide a safe and entertaining place for people to access Catholic content on demand, 24/7.”

It's a pretty neat idea, kind of a YouTube for Catholics. According to Fr. Stephen, "it is a cool ministry tool as well as a fresh and innovative way to communicate the Word of God in today’s world."

More from Fr. Stephen:
Lovetobecatholic.com invites everyone to upload and share videos, build communities, join existing groups and connect with friends, but the site reserves the right to “monitor content to assure that videos reflect true Catholic teaching.” I hope that the site will not only gather Catholics but also become a meeting place and a connecting point where Catholics and non-Catholics learn from each other and enrich each other.
I definitely agree with Fr. Stephen's sentiments. Naturally, I paid attention to the Music section. It's mostly Catholic Rock videos. Not my cup of tea, but interesting, nonetheless.

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