Monday, October 15, 2007

John Walker - Concert Program

Yesterday, as part of Duke Chapel's organ recital series, John Walker of the Peabody Institute performed on the Flentrop (Benjamin N. Duke Memorial) Organ. What a wonderful recital!!! Duke Chapel brings in some of the world's finest organists for their recital series; however, there are just a few who can figure out how to play the room very well. Walker is one of those who figured it out. I'm sorry I came in a little late, but I only missed the first piece.

Here is his program. His notes were great, as well. (Why can't more organists take the time to do that? I prefer concert organists who just play and not talk during the course of their concerts.)

  • Prelude and Fugue in f-sharp minor, BuxWV 146 (Dietrich Buxtehude)
  • Mein junges Leben hat ein End (Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck)
  • Prelude and Fugue in G Major, BWV 541 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
  • Prelude on the Chorale O wie selig seid ihr doch, ihr Frommen (Franz Schmidt)
  • Tanz-Toccata (Anton Heiller)
  • Fantasy and Fugue in B-flat Major (Alexandre-Pierre-François Boëly)
  • Concert Variations on Old Hundred (John Knowles Paine)
  • Hommage à Messiaen (McNeil Robinson)
  • Dieu parmi nous (from L Nativité du Seigneur) (Olivier Messiaen)

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