Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wheeeee! It's Fair Time!!!!

It's that time of the year again, folks - the NC State Fair is back!

As usual, I'll be working the booth with the local chapter of the American Chemical Society. We'll be doing cool Chemistry tricks with dry ice and liquid nitrogen, demonstrate density differences using our old friends, Regular and Diet Coke, demonstrate the different states of matter (solid, liquid, gas, plasma. Yes, plasma ...), and just for the kids, demonstrate the concept of chromatography by having them make Chromatography Butterflies. Very cool stuff.

I'll be there Saturday 13th from 8.45 am - 1.15 pm, and again on Tuesday 16th from 8.45 am - 1.15 pm, and Wednesday 17th from 8.45 am - 5.15 pm. It should be loads of fun! If you're in the area, stop by; Fairgrounds are close to NC State's Vet School. I, for one, am also looking forward to the fair foods. I think I will pass on the deep-fried Snickers, but definitely, I will look forward to caramel apples, funnel cakes, turkey legs, and bloomin' onions! I know, they're all bad for me, but the Fair only comes but once a year.

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