Monday, October 29, 2007

Me? Sport Prognosticator?

For all the years I've been following baseball and football/soccer, I had never dared to make predictions over who I think will win the major matches, especially since I generally get them wrong. (Don't even remind me of the 2004 World Cup ... I was travelling in Italy with friends when that was going on.)

Here's one time when I actually got it right. Quoting from what I wrote on Ryan L.'s Facebook wall on October 7:
Dare I say it? Sorry, Cubbies, but I'm glad AZ won. I'm hoping the Rockies will finish off the Phillies, and that the Rockies will win the NL pennant (small consolation since they beat my Padres), so that the World Series would be Boston vs. Colorado. Who would I want to win it all? Why, the Red Sox, of course! :)
Admittedly, the only reason why I cheered on the Rockies is because they beat my Padres in that single-game elimination to decide the Wild-Card spot for the National League. Naturally, I'd be cheering on the Red Sox in the American League. After living for 7+ years in the New England area, how can you not cheer on the Red Sox? I celebrated with the rest of the Red Sox Nation when they finally threw off the Curse of the Bambino and won their first World Series in 86 years back in 2004.

I was happy when the Rockies swept the Phillies (sorry, Nick) and the Diamondbacks, and happy when the Red Sox swept the Angels and managed to get past the Indians, yielding the matchup I had hoped for as described on Ryan's wall. Little did I know that my prognostication would come true tonight. I had been away all day, and didn't have a chance to catch the game, so I found out from Ryan's page, when he changed his status to: Sox are World Series Champs '07 :)

And the Red Sox Nation is cheering tonight. Congratulations, 2007 Boston Red Sox!

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