Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Music for 5 August - 10th Sunday After Pentecost

I'm doing the sub thing again, this time at Holy Family (Episcopal) Church in Chapel Hill. Here's the music list.

August 5: Pentecost 10

Prelude: Andante from Voluntary V, Op. 6 (John Stanley); Fantasia in d minor (Johann Pachelbel)
Pro: When in our music God is glorified (ENGELBERG)
Hymn of Praise: This is the feast of victory (FESTIVAL CANTICLE)
Seq: Take My Life and Let It Be (HENDON)
Off: He who would valiant be (MONK'S GATE)
Sanctus: Powell
Agnus Dei: Landsmark-DeLewis
Let saints on earth in concert sing (DUNDEE);
All to Jesus I surrender (from Lift Every Voice and Sing II)
All my hope on God is founded (MICHAEL)
Apparently, no Recessional Hymn.
In dir ist Freude (Bach)

Again, I'm repeating prelude and postlude music from last week. At least this time around, I should be able to play a prelude, and hopefully the postlude will go over better on HF's Zimmer than it did on IC's Zimmer.

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