Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ann Elise Smoot and Simon Lindley - Concert Programs

This week, the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) is having their Carolina Course for Girls and Adults and Organ Institute. It's a week including nightly organ recitals, organ Masterclasses, and Choir and Vocal technique building. For me, I'm just interested in the organ recitals, and if I could, swing by to listen in on the Masterclasses.

There are three organ recitals this week, the first was performed by Ann Elise Smoot, and tonight's was presented by Simon Lindley. Their programs are as follows. Carlo Curley's will be posted tomorrow evening.

Ann Elise Smoot

Presented on July 9, 2007, at Chapel of the Cross (Episcopal), Kleuker Organ

Toccata in F, BuxWV 156 (Dietrich Buxtehude)
Three Pieces from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book (Giles Farnaby):
- Tower Hill
- Tell mee, Daphne
- The Lady Zouches Maske
Chorale Partita Sei gegrüßet, Jesu gütig (J. S. Bach)
Theme and Variations in D (Felix Mendelssohn)
Allegro, Choral and Fugue (Mendelssohn)
Offerte du 5ème ton (Vive le Roy des Parisiens) (André Raison)
Partita sopra Nun freut euch (Lionel Rogg):
i. Choral
ii. Bicinium
iii. Canon
iv. Presto
v. Recit
vi. Passacaglia
vii. Toccata
Miroir (Ad Wammes)
From Suite Médiévale: iv. Méditation (Communion) (Jean Langlais)
Fête (Langlais)

Simon Lindley

Presented on July 11, 2007, at St. Michael's Episcopal Church, Möller/Schantz organ

The Archbishop's Fanfare (Francis Jackson)
Hymn Prelude: East Acklam (Jackson)

Four Extemporizations: Carol - Divertimento - Fidelis - Fanfare (Percy William Whitlock)

Spring Song (Alfred Hollins)
A Trumpet Minuet (Hollins)

Romanza and Allegretto (William Wolstenholme)

Evening Song (Edward Bairstow)

Sonata in G, Op. 28 (Edward Elgar):
- Allegro maestoso
- Allegretto
- Andante espressivo
- Presto [comodo]

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