Friday, August 3, 2007

Improv, lots of Improv


So I didn't make the wisest choice this week. Went off to Costco with a friend on Tuesday, and while there, I got the latest Harry Potter. I told myself I wouldn't do it until I finished up my service this coming Sunday at Holy Family, especially with some of the odd settings of the Ordinary I'm asked to learn. But no, it was calling my name, so I picked it up. I've been spending the last two days in Potterland and admittedly, enjoying it heaps. Of course, I really should have been: 1) Preparing for the Forensics Course that I'm team-teaching with 5 others; and 2) Chain myself to an organ near me to learn all this music I have to play on Sunday. I've done neither.

So I turn up to class this afternoon, and the Cary Lieutenant who is heading the class shows me and the other professors the "crime scene" that will form the basis of the students' practicum this semester. Very simple thing, really. I won't go into much detail here (maybe later). I had to give a ca. 15-20 minute talk about the Chemists' Perspective as far as Crime Scene Investigations are concerned. So I'm "flying by the seat of my pants," so to speak (I guess you can call it Improv) as I have done absolutely no preparation, outside of the reading I did on the day of Lee T's father's funeral. Thanks to the American Chemical Society, there was an article in one of their publications about chemists and forensics, and so I based my introductory talk heavily on that. It also helped when I had a look at the crime scene that was laid out in another room.

So I did my thing ... and amazingly enough, some of the students came up to me during one of the breaks and told me they appreciated professors coming in prepared for their classes, and it was obvious that I prepared for it!!!!!

Boy, am I a good faker or what??? I know I can't get away with that for long, so I'm really going to have to get my butt into gear and read. So I'm going to consider the reading and answering of questions as a kind of "study break" from the learning of music I have to do over the next couple of days ...

But ... I think I will partake in a Choral Celebration tomorrow (Friday) evening at Duke Chapel. It's a Hinshaw thing:

... and the only thing I'll be attending will be the concert. Should be a good one.

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