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29 July, Ordinary 17 / 9th Sunday After Pentecost - Edited

I'm doing the sub thing again this Sunday, this time for two different churches.

Church 1: Immaculate Conception, Durham, NC, 7.45 am Mass. I'm the chump at the Grand Orgue, and my buddy Andy Stewart is cantoring. Numbers are from GIA's Gather Comprehensive 1994 (green cover).

Postlude is a recyclable for the first service because my organ teacher said so. And I will, in all likelihood, repeat them for another service I'm playing 5 August.

July 29: Ordinary 17 (Sun. 7.45 am)

Gloria: Andrews
Alleluia: Mode VI; verses to Tone 6F
Sanctus: People's Mass
Mem. Accl., Amen: Danish
Agnus Dei: XVIII, in English

Andante from Voluntary V, Op. 6 (John Stanley); Fantasie in d minor (Johann Pachelbel)
Pro: 535 To God with Gladness (CYMBALA; some Joncas thing. Sounds way better on piano, so I'll play that there, doubling on the bass octaves for the last verse.)
Psalm: 134 Ps 138, Refrain III; Haas (can you say syrupy sentimental? Again a piano thing, way too pianistic to work on the organ)
604 You are near (I'll do this on the organ - thanks to CBW III, I was able to make head and tails out of Sr. Theophane's organ accompaniment)
Comm: 615 Seek Ye First (matches the Gospel of the week well)
Re: 600 Faith of our Fathers (ST. CATHERINE)
In dir ist Freude (Bach)

(Edit: I didn't get to play the prelude pieces because Andy came quite late, and there were several things I needed to tell him, plus I needed him to show me how to: 1. unlock the sound board; and 2. operate the wireless hymnboard. Mass went well, but it was difficult to get used to the delay between me and the chancel. I'll admit - I lost track of what verse I was on for "You Are Mine," but luckily for me, I looked over my shoulder and noticed that Fr. Jacek was already pouring wine into the chalice, so I thought, "good, just finish the verse, and stop with the refrain, and it won't matter where I'm at." Perfect timing - just as he finished his ceremonial washing, we finished the refrain.)

Church 2. This one will be at Chapel of the Cross (Episcopal) for their 5.15 pm Rite II Eucharist. Hymnal in the pews is The Hymnal 1982.

July 29: Pentecost 9

Prelude: Prelude in d minor (attr. Bach; probably by J. T. Krebs)
Pro: On this day, the first of days (GOTT SEI DANK)
Seq: We know that Christ is raised and dies no more (ENGELBERG)
Off: O God of Bethel, by whose hand (DUNDEE)
Sanctus: Community Mass (Proulx)
Comm: Allegro from Voluntary V, Op. 7 (John Stanley)
Re: Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee (HYMN TO JOY)
Postlude: Fugue in d minor (attr. Bach; probably by J. T. Krebs)

So okay, my postlude choice is a bit strange, given my closing hymn. But I just got the music for this service late last night (Thursday), and so I chose my voluntary music before I even know what my hymns were going to be. Yes, I could have played the same thing I was playing at IC; however, I already played those two pieces at earlier services at Chapel of the Cross, and I wasn't about to repeat music there.

I'm going to have a very busy weekend; I'm finding ENGELBERG much harder to play than I expected.

(Heaps of thanks to Nick for his help with the Andrews Gloria ... I just wish the Zimmer I'm playing it on were voiced better for the space that it's in, but there was quite the story behind its reinstallation in the new "worship space" back in 2003 that I don't really care to go into at this point ...)

(Edit: At the late afternoon service, the priest actually started the service a little early. So after only planning 2 minutes of prelude music, I had to provide 7 minutes of it. (Service usually starts with a Laying on of Hands, where people approach the altar rail to seek a blessing for healing of mind, body, and spirit.) So in addition to the d minor Prelude, I also played the Pachelbel d minor Fantasia. Sure, it's a repeat as I played it at Communion for Chapel of the Cross a couple of weeks ago, but that's okay, I hope no one remembered it. There were heaps of people at the service, more than I recalled at a usual summer 5.15pm service, so the Stanley wasn't enough to cover. So I decided to do an improv on "Seek Ye First." It was the Communion Hymn Andy and I picked out for the Catholic Mass, as it fit the Gospel reading well. The Episcopals used the same set of readings for their service. I was very happy with the way that turned out, and the timing was perfect - I finished it right as the last person received. That allowed for some silence during the Purificaiton of the Vessels and the Clearing of the Table. Perfect. Hymns went over well, so I'm glad, and I managed Engleberg. I find it much easier to play in F than in G.)

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