Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Post-Convention Concert: Jeremy Filsell

This comes courtesy of Bob Herring of Arlington, VA via PIPORG-L.

Jeremy Filsell worked his magic with all six Vierne symphonies in a post-convention concert last Friday, July 9, at St. Patrick's in the City.

This concert was recorded (unlike the others that occurred during the convention, thanks to the admonishment not to record anything for posting on YouTube, Facebook, etc.), and the YouTube video will be embedded below.

Before I do that... I'll admit that I only had the chance to hear this lovely organ once, and that was during Morning Prayer that took place at St Patrick's. The organist, Ronald Stolk, had done wonderful improvisations on the antiphons that occurred before and after the Psalms that were chanted by the choir and people.

Here is a YouTube video... according to Bob, this will be the first of several.

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