Thursday, July 15, 2010

Canon Read-Through and Community Participation in SoHP Podcasts

Greetings, friends!

Your humble Secrets of Harry Potter panel members have decided that a great way to get the community involved in the future direction of the podcast was to host a HP canon read-through, from the very first line of book one through the very last line of the (*gags*) epilogue.

We are aware that there are other communities doing similar read-throughs, but their purposes might be very different than ours. We hope to have an eye towards having a community discussion analyzing canon in a quest to uncover the secrets behind the mythological, Biblical, and Christian symbols and themes.

This will ultimately lead towards the restarting of a new phase of the Secrets of Harry Potter podcast, which we hope will happen on or around 1 September. We would dearly love your participation in this endeavour.

Please reply to this post and let us know of your interest. We will then decide when would be a good time to meet and discuss what we’ve read. Hopefully, we’ll be able to do it on the SQPN Live page.

Thanks for your continued support!

Lyn F.

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