Saturday, October 25, 2008

Uncovering a Treasure

This afternoon, I decided to sit down and plan out Advent and Christmas. I know, I'm starting late, probably should have done this at least a couple of months ago.

As I was looking over hymns, carols, and other anthems, one of the Altar Guild ladies approached me and told me about a stack of unsorted music in a small room on the second floor of the Parish Hall. So curious me decided to go have a look.

What a treasure! One of my predecessors (not my immediate one, but I'm not sure how long ago he was there) composed music and left that wonderful musical legacy in unsorted files. I think he may have also been an orchestra conductor as well as there were quite a few conductor's scores of pieces, both secular and sacred amongst the files.

There were also heaps and heaps of copies of octavos and other music sheets that may have been given as samples - kind of like a "try before you buy" type of thing. So now I felt quite overwhelmed - so much music, and unfortunately, you only get 4 weeks of Advent and a day or two for Christmas.

At St. Joseph's, we'll be celebrating a Christmas Lessons and Carols for the First Sunday After Christmas (28 December). So, depending upon how many choir members will be in town that Sunday, that gives more possibilities for good Christmas anthems.

I wasn't all that happy about all the photocopies I found, however. I will definitely sift through what's up there, and if the photocopied music looks like something worthwhile, I'll see about ordering actual copies of that music to add to the choral library. As for the sample pieces - there are heaps and heaps of those, so I'll also sift through those, and hoping they're not out of print, order enough copies of those to add to the choral library.

And then with that, my Choral Library Wish List. I'll also add this to the sidebar as well. These will be books and anthologies I'd love to add to the choral library.

In no particular order:

I'm sure there are more. My wish list will expand as I think up of more titles.

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