Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Organ Spectacular!

I'm working on something that I am hoping to present as a prelude for the 19th October, which coincides with the Organ Spectacular, an international day of celebration, and a focal point of the 2008-09 International Year of the Organ celebration. It's a lovely piece, and I worked through it with my friend Daniel, who will be playing the clarinet alongside. Bernard Wayne Sanders' Ornament of Grace won first place in the AGO Organ and Instrument Composition Competition.

Later that afternoon, and right before my afternoon service with the Episcopal Centre at Duke University, I'll be at Duke Chapel to attend an organ recital featuring Robert Parkins, who is the University Organist and Professor of the Practice of Music at Duke University. He will be performing on the Brombaugh organ with “Iberian Organ Music from the Golden Age.” Presented in conjunction with “El Greco to Velazquez: Art During the Reign of Philip III,” currently on view at the Nasher Museum of Art, his program will feature images of paintings from this remarkable exhibition. This recital will be performed in Memorial Chapel at 2:30 PM and again at 5:00 PM.

So all you organists out there - how are you going to be celebrating Organ Spectacular on the 19th October?

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