Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Working with an instrumentalist -- or not

This comes courtesy of the PIPORG-L list. Larry Wheelock of Kenwood United Methodist Church in Milwaukee, WI shared this hilarious video with the list. My rudimentary translation of the Italian reveals the, er, "instrument" as a makeshift horn constructed with a heater hose and parts of a truck horn.

Some interesting comments I've received thus far:

"I want that hose!"
"What?! No ornaments!?"
"That is outstanding ... I'll have to find some garden hose now ..."
"Sounds God-awful, but that is hilarious, a riot!"

The message Larry included with his post:

In this busy season many of us will find ourselves working with various instrumentalists. They can be demanding, fussy, and annoying, but this organist seems to have found a workable solution...

For your listening...(pleasure?)


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