Friday, December 28, 2007

It's Official ...

Starting Sunday, 13 January (First Sunday after the Epiphany), I will be the Organist/Music Coordinator at St. Joseph's Episcopal Church and Organist at Episcopal Center at Duke University. It is a joint position, and will be a part-time position as well. I'm excited and scared at the same time. I know I will be able to do the organist bit, but it's the choir directing bit at St. Joseph's that has me a little worried. St. Joseph's is a small parish, but growing, and the hope is that I can help their 5-member Music Ministry grow along with the parish.

I do have some very supportive friends, especially my organ teacher Tim Baker, who also has a Master's in Choral Conducting, so he will be a great resource ... Eddie Abernathy, a good friend who is currently the interim organist/choirmaster at St. Phillip's Episcopal Church ... Charles Culbreth, a friend from California who has heaps of experience in dealing with small group ensembles and a wonderful long-time music educator ... Dan Huff, the director of the UNC Men's Glee Club ... in fact, it was after speaking with Dan that I decided to accept the offer from St. Joseph's and Duke.

So between that and my teaching duties at Campbell University's RTP Campus, I think I should be okay. At least life will get rather interesting for me once term begins, with lots of new challenges for me to tackle.

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Brian Michael Page said...

That's great news Lyn! Best of luck with it. I'm optimistic that you'll do fine.
Happy new year!