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24 April – Easter Day

The Lord is risen! The Lord is risen indeed, Alleluia!

My first list is from the 7:45 a.m. Mass at Immaculate Conception Church. Any numbers you see come out of GIA's Gather Comprehensive 1994 (green cover). My friend, Jane L., was behind the console. Since I came in a little late to this Mass, I missed what she played for prelude. Here is the rest of the music.

Sunday 7.45 am Mass: Easter Sunday
Opening Hymn: 422, Jesus Christ is risen today (EASTER HYMN)
Gloria: Chant Mass, arr. by J. Lynch, using the words from the new Roman Missal
Psalm: 114, Psalm 118 (Haugen)
Gospel Acclamation: 263 (Hughes Alleluia in C)
Offertory: 441, Come, ye faithful, raise the strain (GAUDEAMUS PARITER)
Sanctus, Memorial Acclamation: Chant Mass, arr. by J. Lynch, using the words from the new Roman Missal
Amen: Simple, three-note Amen (G-(G-A))
Agnus Dei: 312, Agnus Dei XVIII (in Latin)
Communion Hymn: 438, Victimae Paschali laudes (Mode I); 443, Alleluia, Alleluia, give thanks to the Risen Lord (ALLELUIA NO. 1)
Recessional: 442, Sing with All the Saints in Glory (HYMN TO JOY)
Postlude: Toccata (from Symphonie V; C.-M. Widor)

It was nice to see everyone present at the 7:45 am Mass. (Well, it's Easter Sunday. So of course, there would be a lot of people present. But still. To have the church nearly full for such an early Mass was a wonderful thing.) Also: Gary E., a tympanist, was scheduled to play the 9:30 am Mass. He came in a little early and joined Jane and the trumpeter (didn't catch his name) playing the Closing Hymn. I noticed the people sang this hymn well and loudly. :) Yes, Catholics *can* sing, and that hymn was proof. :) Even Father Bill waited until the last verse to start processing out, which was really nice.

This was yet another joint service between the Episcopal Center at Duke University and St. Joseph's Episcopal Church. Numbers are out of The Hymnal 1982.

Prelude: Christ lag in Todesbanden (BWV 625; J. S. Bach)
Processional: 175, Hail thee, festival day! (SALVE FESTA DIES)
Gloria: S-280 (Powell)
Psalm: Ps 118. Antiphon: the refrain from the Celtic Alleluia. Verses were set to Tone 8.
Sequence Hymn: 184, Christ the Lord is risen again (CHRIST IST ERSTANDEN)
Offertory: Alleluia Round (Wm. Boyce)
Sanctus: S-125, Community Mass (Proulx)
Lord's Prayer: chanted (S-119 in Hymnal 1982)
Fraction Anthem: S-154, New Plainsong (Hurd)
Communion: 460, Alleluia, sing to Jesus (HYFRYDOL);
304, I come with joy to meet my Lord (LAND OF REST)
Recessional: 207 Jesus Christ is risen today (EASTER HYMN)
Postlude: Fugue in C ("Gigue") (BuxWV 174, D. Buxtehude)

There were 110 people present for this service, and it was truly a pleasure to see a packed church. (St. Joseph's has a maximum capacity of approximately 100.)

Next service: I played the 4.00 pm service for Carol Woods which was organised by the Chapel of the Cross. It was a joy playing for these folks, and many came up to me after the service to thank me for my music. They'll be hearing more of me; starting on May 15, I'll be playing the services there, and I will continue to do so during the summer months.

The music list:

Prelude: There is a green hill far away (Robert J. Hughes)
Processional: 180, He is risen! (NEANDER)
Psalm: Psalm 114 (recited)
Sequence: 199, Come, ye faithful, raise the strain (ST. KEVIN)
Offertory: 174, At the Lamb's high feast we sing (SALZBURG)
Communion: Love was when (Dalsem; Don Wyrtzen, arr. Hugh S. Livingston, Jr.)
Recessional: 207 Jesus Christ is risen today (EASTER HYMN)
Postlude: Christ, the Lord is risen today (Easter Hymn; arr. Hugh S. Livingston, Jr.)

Next service: Even though I didn't participate in this one, I'll list it anyway because the music, including the choir anthem, is essentially unchanged from year to year. (I was supposed to have sung at this service, but considering I was, and still am, recovering from laryngitis, I decided to take a miss on this service.) The Parish Choir sung at the 5.15 pm service at Chapel of the Cross. They were accompanied by the brilliant Jacob Reed at the organ. Since I wasn't there, I didn't have prelude and postlude music.

Processional: 207 Jesus Christ is risen today (EASTER HYMN)
Gloria: S-280 (Powell)
Psalm: Psalm 114, recited
Seqquence: 208, The strife is o'er, the battle done (VICTORY)
Offertory: Most glorious Lord of life (William H. Harris)
Sanctus: S-125 Community Mass (R. Proulx)
Communion Hymn: 174, At the Lamb's high feast we sing (SALZBURG)
Recessional: 199, Come, ye faithful, raise the strain (ST. KEVIN)

The Compline service will be listed in a separate post.

Happy Easter, everyone!

(Note: image used above comes from http://inillotempore.com/blog/images/gallery/LineArt)

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