Tuesday, November 24, 2009

James Moeser, organ

Still playing catch-up.

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On Wednesday, November 18, UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Emeritus and organist James Moeser concluded the Fall Semester of the Bach's Lunch series at Chapel of the Cross with a recital featuring the music of Bach from the Clavierübung, Part III. From his program notes:
Clavierübung III is a large cycle framed at the beginning by a mammoth Praeludium in E-Flat Major and at the end by a giant triple fugue in E-flat. In the midst of this frame is the Lutheran "Missa" (the Kyrie and Gloria retained from the Roman Mass) plus large and small settings of the six hymns that Luther wrote for his Catechism.
This may have been the first time he performed in public in many, many years. I heard he was an excellent recitalist before University Administration lured him away from the life of the concert organist.

It was a pleasure to hear him play. Here is the program.

Clavierübung, Part III
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750)

Prelude in E-flat Major (BWV 522i)

Kyrie, Gott Vater in Ewigkeit, BWV 669

Christe, aller Welt Trost, BWV 670

Kyrie, Gott heiliger Geist, BWV 671

Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr', BWV 676

Fugue in E-flat Major (BWV 522ii)

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