Thursday, November 5, 2009

1 November - Solemnity of All Saints

Still playing catch-up.

I have two lists for you here.

My turn for cantoring the 7:45 am Mass at Immaculate Conception came up last Sunday. Here is the music, not including any organ voluntary music my friend Jane played. Any numbers you see come out of GIA's Gather Comprehensive 1994 (green cover), unless otherwise specified.

Sunday 7:45 am Mass: Solemnity of All Saints
Hymn in Procession: 793, For all the saints, vs. 1-4 (SINE NOMINE)
Gloria: 176, New Mass for Congregations (C.T. Andrews)
Psalm: Psalm 24 (M. Guimont)
Gospel Acclamation: 257, Alleluia 7 (Berthier)
Offertory: 736, Many are the lightbeams (O. Widestrand)
Sanctus, Mem. Accl., Amen: 297, 298, 299, St. Louis Jesuits Mass (unfortunately :P)
Agnus Dei: 314, Holy Cross Mass (Isele)
Communion: Hymnal 1982 560, Remember your servants, Lord (BEATITUDES)
Recessional Hymn: 793, For all the saints, vs. 5-8 (SINE NOMINE)

Sigh. *Looks longingly at her co-blogger Tyler's music list* ... now that is a Catholic Church that's doing it (liturgy and music) right. WTG, St. Jude's Parish & Shrine in Vancouver, BC!

St. Joseph's Episcopal Church where I played the usual 10:30 am service. As usual, the numbers are out of The Hymnal 1982.

All Saints' Day: Holy Eucharist Rite II
Prelude: E'en so, Lord Jesus, quickly come (P. Manz). I just played it on soft stops. Someday, I hope to have the forces to be able to do this piece. I just need a soprano who could hit that high b-flat with no difficulties...
Processional Hymn: 287, For all the saints, who from their labours rest (LAUDA ANIMA)
Gloria: S-277, New Plainsong (Hurd)
Psalm: Ps 24, Simplfied Anglican Chant
Sequence Hymn: 457, Thou art the way, to Thee alone (ST. JAMES)
Offertory Hymn: 618, Ye watchers and ye holy ones (LASST UNS ERFREUEN)
Sanctus: S-125, Community Mass (Proulx)
Lord's Prayer: chanted (S-119 in Hymnal 1982)
Fraction Anthem: S-167, The disciples knew the Lord Jesus (M. Martens; Mode 6)
Communion: 560, Remember your servants, Lord (BEATITUDES)
Recessional Hymn: 557, Rejoice, ye pure in heart! (VINEYARD HAVEN)
Postlude: Improvisation on Sine Nomine

I was kicking myself. I'd originally wanted to do Wilbur Held's setting of Sine Nomine, but stupid, stupid me had actually misplaced the piece. :P So I decided to try my hand at improvisation. Bleh. But at least it sounded like music, and it sounded like Sine Nomine. Bleh.

I did not play the service at the Episcopal Centre at Duke University because they were going to celebrate All Saints' Day with the good people of Episcopal Church of the Advocate. Services will return to campus next Sunday.

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