Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bulkogi Truck!!!

Right after a special rehearsal held for a small schola earlier tonight, David B., Fred, Chris, and I headed down the street to the corner of 9th and Main and the Bulkogi Truck I mentioned in an earlier post. There was a good-sized crowd by the time we arrived there. Most were waiting around for their food; the wait time was around half an hour from the time you ordered to the time you got your food. But there was only one chef, and he had a backlog of as much as 15 orders. Poor guy.

Chris and I ordered the spicy bulgogi (sorry, I can't see this transilliterated with a 'k'...). On a spiciness scale of 1-10, Chris chose 3 and I chose 6. Both of us could have gone higher. I could not discern any spice at all with 6. I suppose I could have added a bit of the Sriracha sauce of awesomeness... Fred ordered the chicken curry whilst David also ordered a spicy bulgogi.

Despite the lack of heat, my bulgogi was nice. The beef had a nice, sweet flavour to it, and the veggies (shredded carrots, onion, scallions, cabbage, peas) were there in about the right proportion. The serving size was about right as well. I wish it wasn't so greasy, though.

Fred said he really enjoyed his chicken curry. It smelled really good.

The pictures are below. I would definitely consider a repeat visit ... but here's to hoping that they'll have the kalbi plate. That was really what I had wanted in the first place, but it wasn't available.

This was the spicy bulgogi.

And this was the chicken curry.

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