Friday, March 2, 2012

Lyn's Once in a Blue Moon Post

So much for making 2012 my Year for Blogging. This is, what, my second post for 2012? Call me a slacker!

Actually, you're probably more likely to see my posts over at SQPN's Secrets of Harry Potter. Feel free to pop over there and have a look. :)

I've had this pervasive earworm in my head for the past couple of days. It's not a bad one, actually. A friend of mine, who is now based in Norway, had asked me to send her some music for "Filipino Praise Songs" that can be sung in church. I gave her what I had on hand that I thought might be popular amongst members of the very diverse Filipino Diaspora. I think the two songs she and the members of the Filipino choir she's conducting settled on two songs: Fr. Manoling Francisco's "Tanging Yaman" and Raymund Rema's "Tanging Alay Ko", also known as "Salamat Sa Iyo". It's the latter that's been the earworm, and for as many years as this song has been around, it's really nice that the person who composed it has come forward and recorded himself playing and singing it.

Here is a YouTube video of Mr. Rema playing and singing his song, "Tanging Alay Ko."

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